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Tomohisa Yamashita Sexy Pose

Thursday, August 13, 2009 ·

Tomohisa Yamashita known as Yamapi was one of Japanese actor that hot, sexy & cute. He is a Japanese idol, singer-songwriter & an award-winning actor.

Yamashita graduated in September 2008 from Meiji University's faculty of commerce with a degree in marketing. Wow...educated actor. Great!!

About My Sexy Actor
Name: Yamashita Tomohisa (山下智久)
Real Name: Aoki Tomohisa (changed when father left family)
Nicknames: YamaPi, YamaP, Pi, Tomo-chan
Birthday: April 9, 1985
Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Star sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Height: 176cm (5'9")
Weight: 54–60kg (119–132lbs)
Family: Mother (Naomi Yamashita) and younger sister (Rina Yamashita)
Pets: 2 Dogs (Hime-chan & P-chan)
Education: Currently attending Meiji University, Faculty of Business, majoring in Marketing
Hobbies: listening to music, baseball, skiing, going to the beach
Favorite Colors: black, white, red
Favorite Artist: Southern All Stars
Favorite Phrase: Maji de? (Really?) let see he sexy pose..waaa!!!


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